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Research Experience

Research Assistant

February 2024 — Present Dr Caitlin Hudac - B-RAD Lab University of South Carolina

  • Spearheading the SC-WB (Social Connection and Wellbeing) project funded by an R01 grant from the NIH, overseeing execution of research initiatives focused on social behaviors of adolescents ages 12-17.
  • Conduct outreach to recruit research participants and maintain retention for the SC-WB study.
  • Facilitate data collection using surveys, electroencephalography (EEG), eye-tracking, and electrocardiogram (ECG) for over 150 individuals.
  • Streamlining experimental task efficiency by refining and processing e-prime code.
  • Enhancing data collection, entry, and management processes by redesigning the RedCAP project database.

Volunteer Research Assistant

July 2023 — Present Dr. Michelle Brown University of South Carolina

  • Conduct comprehensive literature reviews to inform the preparation of research manuscripts and academic publications.
  • Synthesize current research findings, critically analyze relevant studies, and identify gaps in the literature.
  • Play a pivotal role in drafting and editing research papers, ensuring the accuracy of citations, adherence to academic style guidelines, and proper structuring of arguments.
  • Actively contribute to the preparation of multiple research manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Honors Thesis

Spring 2022 — Spring 2023 Supervised by Dr. Theo Rhodes and Dr. John K. Lindstedt, SUNY Oswego

  • Performed literature searches on neural network models to aid in the creation of a new neural network
  • Continuously reviewed sources to remain up to date on current research in machine learning (ML) prejudice
  • Used understanding of Python, Pytorch and R to construct and analyze neural network model performance
  • Developed a comprehensive and well-structured thesis manuscript and presentations, ensuring clarity, coherence, and logical flow of ideas for manuscript publication

Data Collector

Spring 2022 JKLab, supervised by Dr. John K. Lindstedt, SUNY Oswego

  • Scheduled meetings with participants using SONA Systems
  • Scrupulously collected data from participants using Visual Studio Code script
  • Adhered to Lab Manual guidelines and ensured adequate data collection during study oversight
  • Collaboratively organized study logistics in Google Sheets

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Fall 2021 — Spring 2023 Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Dynamics Laboratory, supervised by Dr. Theo Rhodes and Dr. Sien Hu, SUNY Oswego

  • Researched literature related to mental rotation tasks to better understand Cognitive Neuroscience and aphantasia
  • Analyzed behavioral fMRI data using MATLAB to see preliminary results
  • Performed statistical analysis on behavioral fMRI data to determine correlations between reaction time
  • Assisted in the creation of a manuscript suitable for publication on the research study

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Fall 2020 — Spring 2021 Relationships Across Development (RAD) Laboratory, supervised by Dr. Matthew Dykas, SUNY Oswego

  • Organized data collaboratively into Google Sheets
  • Met regularly with research participants to access psychological data relevant to the study
  • Arranged time-specific meetings with participants via email
  • Collaboratively created a professional poster to demonstrate results from the research lab at a local conference

Professional Experience

Animal Care Technician

September 2023 — January 2024 Carolina Wildlife CenterColumbia, South Carolina

  • Administered precise doses of medication and formula to diverse local animal species, ensuring their health and well-being
  • Maintained meticulous records of medication administration, dietary requirements, and behavioral observations, contributing to accurate assessments of animal progress and health
  • Provided satisfactory care to enhance the quality of life for animals, with a focus on rehabilitating them for eventual release into their natural habitats
  • Conducted routine housekeeping tasks to maintain a clean and organized workspace, guaranteeing animals had access to essential necessities
  • Demonstrated proficiency in handling and caring for over 70 animals daily, including squirrels, birds, and rabbits, while adhering to strict safety protocols to minimize stress and ensure the animals’ comfort

SHOP Coordinator

August 2022 — May 2023 Students Helping Oz Peers (SHOP), Dean of Students Office, SUNY OswegoOswego, New York

  • Supervised two interns and over 80 student volunteers per semester to ensure the food pantry is fully staffed and running smoothly
  • Managed and organized inventory system, obtaining items as necessary through contact with donors to stock the pantry for students, faculty, and staff
  • Engage with users, university departments, and faculty to coordinate special events, programs, and collaborations to distribute knowledge about the pantry around campus and the greater Oswego community
  • Maintain statistics and pertinent information for effective dissemination of data to the SHOP Advisory Board Committee
  • Oversaw marketing and training efforts through the creation of flyers, training materials, and documentation

Peer Specialist, Clubhouse Specialist Substitute

September 2019 — May 2023 Oswego County Opportunities (OCO) Oswego, New York

  • Led discussions and taught youth aged 15-21 sexual health information on HIV and related topics
  • Helped develop education and planned weekly events across multiple programs
  • Tactfully communicated with multiple diverse communities and maintained confidentiality
  • Created training materials on diverse topics such as sexual health and LGBT+ identities
  • Provided public trainings on LGBTQ+ identities to promote understanding of diverse experiences

Volunteer Experience

President, Vice President, Cognitive Science Club

Fall 2020 — Spring 2023 SUNY Oswego

  • Moderated group activities and discussions to spark interest in the field of cognitive science
  • Directed and planned activities for club meetings, focusing on topics related to Cognitive Science and related fields
  • Successfully increased club participation by 30% during the academic year

Volunteer Member, Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Spring 2022 SUNY Oswego

  • Contributed to discussions on health, counseling, and prevention activities on campus, offering feedback and insights
  • Provided recommendations for enhancing health services and resources on campus

President, Vice President, Queer Trans Outreach Center (QTOC)

Fall 2021 — Fall 2022 SUNY Oswego

  • Conducted multiple information sessions on LGBTQ+ topics, resources, and equity, engaging both students and faculty
  • Organized and hosted events to support LGBTQ+ students and faculty, fostering inclusivity and advocacy on campus
  • Coordinated the Day of Silence event, which included a silent march and facilitation of discussions about encouraging campus initiatives to counter LGBTQ+ harassment and discrimination